Direc-HER Virtual Summit 2020



This is the Summit with a Difference. It was designed by Women for Women!

We have brought together Women from across the Globe to share about their journey to BEcoming. 

We will discuss business, growth, self management and so much more! 

Date: 1st – 4th September 2020

Meet with 12 Guest Speakers and 5 Key Note Speakers.



We are an Online Service-based Entity that serves Solopreneurs and Family Owned Businesses across the globe.
We offer a range of Business Management Services geared towards Wise Money Management, Efficiency and Outstanding Business Acumen. We are ready to partner with you, to ensure your business OUTLIVES YOU!.

Our Ceo

Risha Ferdinand is an Accountant at heart. Her love for figures goes beyond number crunching. Risha started freelancing in 2011 whilst she had a full-time 8-4 job. She found a way to manage her day job, private clients, demands at home and relationship with God seamlessly.

In 2017, one of Risha’s private clients asked her to hand over his accounts to a registered business. He was advised by his bankers that registered entities were recognized.

Upon handing over the client’s files, the new Accountant was baffled. He saw that Risha’s work was accurate and in accordance with the International Accounting Standards. He did not quite understand the need to switch business but Risha did!

That pushed Risha into registering her business …..Strategic Business Management Agency.

Risha is very passionate about growth. If you share your vision with Risha, you are sure to find her at the side of you, cheering you on..till you attain your goals.

Because of that unique characteristic, SBMA has grown into a successful entity today. There is no need for heavy advertising campaigns when you have clients who are excited to share the good news!

If you have never met Risha Ferdinand, then today is your chance to!

About us

SBMA was founded in February 2018 by Risha Ferdinand.
We have since grown and now employ ten persons experienced professionals that are eager to serve.
SBMA started off with Accounting and Book-keeping Services but then quickly grew into Business Consultancy and Online Business Management. Each service offering ensures it’s about Wise Money Management and Efficiency.
At SBMA, we go beyond getting the job done. We take careful time and attention with each client to ensure they are empowered. We educate business owners about the meaning of their figures, help create efficient systems, processes and controls along with establishing Good Corporate Governance.

Our Services

Board Meeting

Many businesses fail within the first five years of operations not because their idea wasn’t great but because they lacked the “Know-How”.

Then there are businesses that grew beyond the first five year trial period, who have seen a steady increase in revenue, profits and headcount. However, those said businesses did not improve its systems and process flows to match the financial growth realized.

There are also Family-Owned Businesses where relatives are employed, who co-exist in a business with no Corporate Governance. There are many bosses in these types of establishments with no clear roles and responsibilities.

As such, we offer a Business Consultation product called “Board Meeting”. This is where our executive team meets with your team on a weekly basis for six weeks to assess the business financial performance, identify areas for improvement and strategically plan innovative ways to achieve the business targets.

We encourage business founders to run their businesses efficiently that will cause the business to Outlive generations….Evergreen Business

Our philosophy is Board Meeting is not for the Rich but for those who want to be Rich.


I want to have Board Meeting!

Online Business Management

We push efficiency and systems as business growth. Once you have this then sales growth is inevitable.
(1) We act as you!
Engaging in FB Groups and with Liked Pages, is a science….its called FB Algorithm. To get greater reach and to allow FB to push your content, especially as the “expert” in your field, you have to engage heavily with other persons’ posts. This is time consuming and energy sucking.
  • So we interact, as you, in the groups you are apart of. We share your page links and like/follow pages on the Follow Day Threads, we engage with person’s posts and we share value, your freebies and paid offerings…AS YOU!. You get to spend time doing what you love whilst your business pages grow organically.
(2) We build chatbots
To ensure your customers are always attended to and no opportunity is lost…we build these personalized automated messages for any type of business.

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Online Business Management