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Board Meeting

Far too long there are business founders who run business as solopreneurs with no systems or process flows. They brag about 10k and 30k months but do not strategically plan for business to continue without them.
Same goes for Family Owned Businesses….no systems to run an efficient organization that will last for generations….too many bosses and too many public issues.
  • At our Board Meetings, my executive team and I, meet with the founders and their teams to review their past financial performance, present business culture and vision. We identify the weak areas and fix it. We implement processes, systems and controls to allow the business to outlive the founder.

  • When these founders face an untimely, foreseen circumstance, business either stops or die. We want Solopreneurs and Family Owned Businesses to practice good governance and leave a business legacy!
What a waste if after all those $30K months, stops flowing with one life drama!
Let business work for you rather the other way around.

Online Business Management

Having s strong online presence is imperative for business growth and expansion in this era. We therefore offer a fleet of Online Business Management Services to put you at a competitive advantage in your niche market.

We act as you!

Engaging in FB Groups and with Liked Pages, is a science….its called FB Algorithm. To get greater reach and to allow FB to push your content, especially as the “expert” in your field, you have to engage heavily with other persons’ posts. This is time consuming and energy sucking.  
So we interact, as you, in the groups you are apart of. We share your page links and like/follow pages on the Follow Day Threads, we engage with person’s posts and we share value, your freebies and paid offerings…AS YOU!

We offer:
• Content Creation – written, image & video

• Social Media Management

• Email Marketing

• Funnel-Com – ChatBot Creation – Automated Conversations

To ensure your customers are always attended to and no opportunity is lost…we build these personalized automated messages for any type of business.

Our philosophy is productivity is born out of automation.

Email us at obm@sbmaltd.com