Risha is ready to partner with YOU!


You should have Board Meetings with Risha, if you are:

  • Tired of doing the same thing alone & getting the same results
  • Have lots of ideas but need clarity
  • Want to scale your business but do not know how
  • Love what you do but hate doing other business stuff
  • Feel like you are doing everything and is burnt out
  • Drained from posting on social media because no one is seeing you
  • Tired of having discovery calls and no actual sales
  • Need a strategy to launch because what you have been doing isn’t working
  • Ready to work smarter

The change starts with you!

Board Meetings are NOT for the Rich but its for those who WANT TO BE RICH!


For 4 weeks we will meet on the same day & time weekly, to improve on the way you do business so that you can grow your business and bring your vision into reality. This is a 1:1 private meeting to give you the freedom to speak about your business and share your vision without fear.

You would get the clarity you need because you will have a strategy that works for YOUR  business.

You would get systems & processes to implement immediately that will save you time and energy so that you can do what you really love.

You would be enthusiastic about being an entreprenuer again because you have become a Client Magnet


Ready to have Board Meetings?


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Daily Income Generating Activities



Are you always winging it?

Are you doing spur of the moment things to get a sale?

Do you have days of not being sure what next to do?

If you said “YES” to the above then,

You are in need of clear daily income generating activities…

Purchase the Daily Income Generating Activities Masterclass

Invest $19.99 so that you can learn what are the income generating activities best practice so that you can start each day intentional by activating what is already in your hands.

After you attend the training and implement those activities, you would start to see the fruits of it and finally start to enjoy $5k months.


Just image what you can do with an extra $5k a month in your hands…


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VIP Training 

You have your marketing game down but you can’t sell. 

When you are on a call with a prospect, your heart starts to race each time you are asked your price. You eat up your words because you try to get it out all at once.



You can sell really well but you do not know how to market yourself 

You are writing content, going live and creating videos but no one sees you. You get alot of website visits but no one is signing up. You find yourself on the hunt in FB Groups to get clients/customers.

If you can relate to either of the scenarios then you need to get training.

Nothing is wrong with you, you just need to practice the right thing…just like you practiced to perfect your skill & talent.

Join me for a VIP Training Day whereby we meet for one day, privately and I teach you how to manage a discovery call.  You would build your confidence to speak and state your price. You would learn the art of selling.

You would write content that makes you a Client Magnet. You would have live videos with structure whereby you use the right trigger words to move persons to buy from you.

Sounds like you need training in selling and/or marketing, then join me for VIP Training Day.



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Brain Dump Strategy Session


Do you have a course but need to get a strategy to have a successful launch?

Are you ready to move from just having social media platforms to new offerings, funnels, lead magnets, content themes but you need to piece it all together with a defined strategy?

You sell physical products but you have no clue how to reach customers and get sales!

You have so many thoughts but you have no idea how to implement each one to make you money.  

If you can relate, then you need a Brain Dump Strategy Session to get everything out of your head, rearrange to link with your business vision and create a strategy to have a successful business. 

Join me for the one day Brain Dump Strategy Session to help you move from feeling stuck to feeling accomplished. 

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30 Days Mindset Challenge

 Listen, our minds control what we do!

Whatsoever a man thinketh, so is he!

Whatever you meditate upon will soon become your reality.

Many of your challenges stem from your mindset.  

Your mindset is shaped by what you put into it and believed was true.

If you are sick and tired of going around in circle, then you need to reprogram your mind.

Join me for the 30 Days Mindset Challenge. This is Group session. 

You would get daily resources and activities to flush out your old mindset with the new belief system.

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 PRICE $29.99